LottieTots Story 

I had my first born son in 2019 and having always been creative I decided to take a huge leap and start my own business making the most snuggly children slipper I could imagine. 

At the time my little boy was in desperate need of yet another pair of slippers (which he lives in at home as we have tiled floors...) I had recently bought two pairs for him that had subsequently fallen apart after a month or two's use.

The first pair I ever made are still on his feet daily and have remarkably survived their life so far. Needless to say he tends to put them through their paces...!

I want all of you to enjoy knowing everyday that their little feet are snuggly and warm in a unique pair of slippers. (It's the little things...!)

I am very aware of our impact as individuals on the environment so I decided to incorporate as much up cylcing as possible when making my slippers. This not only lends a small hand to the environment but it also means that each pair of slippers is unique. 

All LottieTots slippers are tailor made by me and can be customised to any design you wish so long as fabric allows!  So, if you would like specific colours or patterns then just let me know.